Miltä revontuli maistuu?

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Miltä revontuli maistuu?
- Björn Ylipää, Storytelling by food

Hungry for Finland – Ruokamatkailu nosteessa foorumissa 20.1.2017 MATKA –messuilla esiintyi Björn Ylipää, Storytelling by food, Food Design, Måltidsvision

Björn Ylipää, Creative Director Måltidsvision Lecturer in Food and Culinary Arts Högskolan Kristianstad

Björn Ylipää, Creative Director Måltidsvision, Lecturer in Food and Culinary Arts Högskolan Kristianstad

Björn is the former lumberjack, blues singer and pizza baker, who left Pajala in the North for new challenges in southern Sweden. The studies at the School of hospitality, culinary arts and meal science at Campus Grythyttan was a cultural shock but also gave the spark for Måltidsvision’s businessidea.
Björn, the creative director at Måltidsvision, likes to get his inspiration from the Nordic nature. He is the company’s expert in storytelling, experiences and beverages. He is also a lecturer in Communication of food and Meal design at the Kristianstad University.

Storytelling by food

We like to listen to a good story and storytelling in tourism and experience economy are more and more important. To tell stories around the campfire while eating has been important since ancient times. How does your story taste? And communicate to all senses. Storytelling by food is putting these two things together and telling stories within a food and drink experience. How do the Northern lights taste? It´s not just about the sensation of taste, it´s about capturing the magic moment of standing there in the snow waiting, and looking up in the sky to get a chance  to catch the taste. A Nordic company producing paper telling a story about where they get there raw material. Could we use storytelling by food, for example to learn about the Swedish Right of Public Access in the countryside to immigrants? The life cycle of the salmon from the rivers to the sea and back, can we tell that story with food and drink?

Our mission is "in a unique way and through an artistic presentation using food and drink to communicate messages and create engagement."


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