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In the first phase of the FOOD&TOURISM project in Finland 14 case companies were visited and best practices researched during the years 2012-2013. Over 200 students of Haaga-Helia UAS participated and were given a valuable opportunity to learn in real-life cases and carrying out their thesis studies. The aim of the first phase was to create tangible, useful tools for tourism entrepreneurs with the help of a semi-scientific approach.

Summary and results of the first part of the FOOD&TOURISM project for entrepreneurs:


Finland’s first Food Tourism Strategy 2015-2020

With the help of the research phase, the first FOOD&TOURISM strategy for Finland was built in co-operation with several operators in May 2014- Jan 2015. The strategy was coordinated by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and the assignment was commissioned by Visit Finland and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest.


The aims are:

  • to build active national networks
  • define the roles of operators and have shared common goals for the future
  • develop food tourism with the help of best products
  • to communicate widely to all participants, operators and customers about our core products and processes


The key issues in developing Finnish food tourism are:

  • Taste of place, Finnish origin and way of life taste good
  • Pure pleasure, pure Finnish food is good for the body and soul
  • Cool and creative from Finland, internationally renowned culinary experience


The primary actions in promoting Finnish food tourism are:

  • product development of spearhead products
  • strategic partnerships
  • communication

More information:


Food Tourism Contest 2015

Contest received 77 high-quality participants to represent the best food tourism product in Finland. There were participants all around from Finland, from east to west, from the archipelago to the northern Sámi. There were also participants from diverse sectors of tourism, for example events, museums, program service businesses, restaurants, cafes and countryside tourism companies.

The jury of the food tourism competition Hungry for Finland chosed the ”From guesthouse to guesthouse” tours arranged by four undertakings in Nurmes and Valtimo as the best food tourism product in Finland. The award was given out by Minister of Economic Affairs Olli Rehn in June 2015.

In addition, three significant food tourism acts were awarded: Inari Menu/Tradition Hotel Kultahovi, Malmgård Manor, and Chamberlain’s feast at Svartå Manor. The jury gave an honourable mention to the Food Helsinki HEL YEAH pocket brochure and the Food & Fun food festival in Turku. The rationale of the jury is explained more thoroughly at the link below.

The evaluation was based on customer orientation, local colour, stories, local food, experiences, co-operation, entrepreneurship, cost-effectiveness, and versatility in the use of sales and marketing channels.

Award Jury’s comments of the winners:


What is going on now?

We introduce and familiarize Finnish FOOD&TOURSIM strategy with help of H4F workshops, especially for tourism operators and developers working in the field. It means workshops in several region of Finland during the years 2015-2017. At the same time we will be developing the food product of Finnish museums and events in co-operation with Finnish Museums Association and Finland Festivals organization.




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